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Creating a Jewel Case Insert with iTunes

Have you ever created a CD and wanted to make a jewel case insert to go with it? iTunes makes it easy to create jewel case inserts so that you’ll know which songs are on all your custom CDs.
With iTunes, you can print a CD jewel case insert as easily as you would print a document in any other application. With jewel case inserts created in iTunes, you can even use the album cover artwork associated with the songs in the playlist.

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Using the templates built in to iTunes

When creating a jewel case insert in iTunes using one of the built-in themes, try to keep the number of songs to 26 or fewer. Most of the jewel case insert themes will list only the first 26 songs. You can create a jewel case insert for a CD with up to 152 songs by using the “Large playlist” theme.


Making a custom jewel case insert or CD label

If you want to make your own custom jewel case inserts for your CDs, as well as CD labels for your discs, there are a few applications available on the Mac OS X Downloads page. These applications include Label Printer Pro, Disclable, and Label Templates.


Print a copy of your iTunes music library

In addition to making jewel case inserts from iTunes, you can also create a printed list of all the music in your library or in any one of your playlists. Select your music library or a playlist, go to the File menu, choose Print, and then select either “Song listing” or “Album listing” in the window that appears.