Using your computer in airplanes and airports

    Some airlines have reported that the use of portable electronic devices may interfere with the aircraft's flight navigation or communications systems.

    You may be required to have your computer turned off during part or all of your flight. This includes turning off radio communication provided by the optional Apple AirPort Card. Please respect the regulations of the airlines. If you have questions about using your computer on an airplane, please contact an airline representative.

    A properly tuned X-ray machine or metal detector should cause no damage to your computer. But the motors that drive the belts on some security machines have magnets that can damage your information. To avoid problems, place the computer close to the entrance of the machine and remove it as soon as possible. At most airports you can also have the computer hand-inspected by security personnel.

    Security officials may require you to turn the computer on. Make sure you have a charged battery on hand. To speed up the security process, have your computer in sleep instead of shut down.

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